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JAWS Student Waterpolo Amsterdam is looking for shrewd players!

For already more than 15 years, JAWS Amsterdam is an understanding among waterpolo-playing students in the Netherlands. Because what’s more fun than spending your student time with people who do such a cool sport like you? Right!

Whether you only have a swimming certificate or already are experienced in a higher league does not matter; we offer accessible water polo for all levels. Because JAWS is represented in two leagues, KZNB for the sports enthusiasts and NCS for beginners, there is something for every taste. It’s also a fact that you will be received with open fins in one of our four teams (1x ladies, 3x gents).

Are you convinced yet? No? Then maybe this is the most important: JAWS is a club not only passionate in the swimming pool, but also beyond. Activities such as the hitchhiking competition, the New Year’s gala, the sailing weekend, the Batavierenrace, shark movie nights, the Amsterdam pub crawl, several summer tournaments and of course the international JAWS tournament are standard each season- you can make it as crazy as you want. And the best part is: after you register, you get at least a lot of new friends at once!

So do you want to start or keep playing waterpolo and also make the most out of your student time in Amsterdam? Now’s your chance! For more information, look around the site or send a message to .

If you want  to play water polo in Amsterdam, JAWS Student Water polo Amsterdam has got a lot to offer. We offer water polo in many different levels. Novice, advanced or experienced players will find themselves a nice challenge. Even if you have no experience at all. In that case we will learn you how to play.

Experience our training sessions, it’s free!

Still in doubt? You shouldn’t be so. Doubt causes stress. You’d better just visit us during one of our training sessions. It’s free to join three (3) of them, then you will have to choose whether to become a member or not. We advise you to contact our board in advance and tell them your experience – it’s more fun if you play the game at a level that matches yours!

Are you a student? Then you’ll like this:

You don’t have to be a student to play at JAWS, but since we have a close relationship with the USC, which on its turn is closely related to the University of Amsterdam, JAWS is able to give a discount to students.  For tariff information of a JAWS membership, refer to the information block on the right (or at the bottom of the page, if you use a small screen).

Need more information?

Want some more information? Just ask us and we’ll try to help you out. Just fill out the form on the Contact page.


Please fill out the form if you want to become a member.


I agree to become a training member/KNZB member of Jolige Amsterdamse Waterpolo Studenten (JAWS) and agree to the rights, duties and customs of the association as stated in the Household Regulations for a training member/KNZB member.

I give JAWS permission to deduct the contribution/KNZB allowance (contest allowance) which has been approved on the Algemene Leden Vergadering (general member meeting) from my bankaccount.

Hereby I agree with the privacy policy of JAWS

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